_the future of luxury

LVL XIII is a New York-based fashion house that specializes in creating forward-thinking men’s luxury street footwear and apparel. Founded in 2013 by Antonio Brown and represented by brand ambassador and entertainment icon Jason Derulo, LVL XIII is pioneering the futuristic fashion movement with elegant, functional designs that transcend time—and epitomize the future of luxury.


Innovative designs pushing boundaries and perception on artistry within the world of fashion_


Our Story_

Every LVL XIII style—from men’s sandals, dress shoes, and high-top luxury sneakers to transformative, practical outerwear—is founded in a fearless approach to design and is handcrafted by Italian artisans using the highest-quality, most cutting-edge materials. LVL XIII fashion features futuristic silhouettes, inventive textures, exotic materials, and high-end hardware and embellishments, such as the footwear’s double-leather outsoles and signature engraved midsole metal plates.

The LVL XIII brand is the innovative answer to other luxury labels. The fresh statement maker in exclusive menswear. The footwear you can work, travel, and dance in. The LVL XIII brand represents a bold new vision that is redefining the meaning—and the feeling—of luxury fashion.